Blast Premier: Fall 2020 Regular season 

Blast premier series 2020 started earlier this year in January with the 2020 Regular season tournament featuring a prize pool split on three teams for a total of $300.000

During the Regular Season 2020 we witnessed Faze, G2 and NAVI secure their spots as winners of this prestigious event. 

The American showdown was the next event that started during the summer of 2020, an online tournament with a total of $142.500 prize pool and   MIBR securing its 1st – 2nd placement together with Furia, paving the way for another Brazilian dominants within the American CS:GO scene.  

During the corona crises the 2020 Showdown was cancelled and Blast decided to feature a European showdown followed by American finals and European finals where teams was decided on their placement during the past events. 

The Spring finals was seen cancelled and a Fall Regular season 2020 was announced to take place in the end of October 2020. The tournament were to be divided into two online events, one taking place in Europe and the other in America. The decision was later made to combine these two regions in the one single online event based in Europe instead. 


Blast Premier: Fall 2020 Regular season 

Start date: 2020-10-26

End date: 2020-11-04

Prize pool: $150.000


Prize pool distribution 


1st – 3rd –  $25,000

4th – 6th –  $12,500

7th – 9th – $7,500

10th – 12th $5,000



Group A






Group B






Group C






During the event EspKings will feature plenty of exciting Pick6 rounds meaning you can get your hands on a karambit fade worth $1300