CS:GO Community On Edge Over This Cut-throat Competition

The world of eSports is full of excitement, and there are a lot of topics around basic games and competitions popping up every day. If you are a fan, you are probably aware of all the controversies and satellite stories surrounding almost every game, but although they do have their fair share of toxic subjects inside the industry, it seems as though CS:GO community has been so busy with high-level games lately, there hasn’t been much time for anything else.

Of course, that may as well be just an impression, but for some time now, all of the controversies inside of CS:GO community have subsided and have been pushed out by great matches, loaded schedules and overall focus on the game itself (rest assured that, after a statement like this, we’ll witness some crazy episode sooner or later).

CS:GO Community Finally Focused On The Great Games

But you won’t hear us complaining, since a schedule full of high-quality matches is exactly what every true fan should thrive on. And once again, at least in this period, there is so much going on, every appetite for games is easily satisfied. The main stage is, of course, reserved for ESL Pro League, whose season 13 is well underway: we’ve entered the final week of the group stage, reserved for group D. After that we’ll have a week of rest and then head off to the play-in and playoff stage.

Throughout March we’ve seen many exhilarating games and moves, and more than a few ranking shifts, both on teams and players’ lists. We’ve seen a big ranking switch at the top with Astralis falling to second, and Na’Vi climbing up to first place. But, who knows how long that will last since NaVi has already played its group stage of the Pro League, while Astralis is still waiting on its turn which is this week.

Teams To Beat

Needless to say, world rankings aren’t the main priority for the top teams right now: all of them have been working hard to try and advance to the next stage of the Pro League. So far we’ve seen great performances from Heroic (good to see them back on track), Ninjas In Pajamas (obviously on the rise) and Gambit Esports (still flying high), with all of them winning first place in their respective groups.

The teams that have qualified for Round 12 aka Playoffs, are Complexity Gaming, FunPlus Phoenix, ENCE, G2 Esports, FURIA and NaVi. Out of the current top 10 in the world, we won’t be watching BIG and Vitality who didn’t do enough to advance further in the tournament, and one of the IEM Katowice stars, Team Spirit, who haven’t qualified for Pro League at all.

Other than that, all of the big names are here, with a lot of high-intensity games just around the comer, since group D, whose performances we’ll be watching (and playing along with) this week, include a number of big names. Virtus.pro, Astralis, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic, Team Liquid and Endpoint will be battling it out for those three magic spots that mean tournament advancement.

Crazy Days Ahead

Three (Virtus.pro, Astralis, Team Liquid) out of those six teams are currently among the top 10 in the world, but that doesn’t mean the rest of them will go down easily. On the contrary, while Endpoint may be ranked somewhat of outsiders, Fnatic and Evil Geniuses are going to give the first free a run for their money, and many would argue that this group is the most competitive of all.

That level of excitement is exactly the reason why we’ve decided to include these upcoming matches in our Pick6 for this week, so check out the schedule and don’t forget to play along. Who’s your favourite and why? Use all of your knowledge and play today while there’s still time.