DreamHack Open Fall 2020 Recap

The Story so Far…

Heading into the final stretch, DreamHack Open Fall 2020 will soon know its new champion and award the shares of the $115,000 prize pool. Right now, Astralis still looks like the team to beat. Back with full force, the Danish powerhouse has arguably reclaimed its spot as the best CS:GO team in the world. What can we expect from the final matches of the long awaited CS:GO esports tournament?

Will Astralis Go All the Way Again?

gla1ve is back, which greatly increases Astralis’ chances. And while Xyp9x has also returned to the active roster, he has yet to play again. Even so, Astralis is already looking every bit as dangerous. The CS:GO superteam has only dropped three maps, winning all of its four Bo3 series. After advancing to the upper bracket with wins over Heroic and G2, Astralis went on to beat Godsent and Fnatic. Vitality is the only team standing in the way to a spot in the DreamHack Open Fall 2020 final. Aside from some recent struggles with DustII, it’s hard to imagine that the French team will pose a much bigger challenge for their CS:GO tournament opponents.

Do Heroic and Vitality Offer a Real Threat?

While Astralis remains the clear cut favourite to win this esports tournament, Heroic and Vitality remain as the challengers. Heroic managed to take a map out of their countrymen during their Group B matchup. The Danish team dropped to the lower bracket following a loss to G2. Since then, it has bounced back to beat North, Sprout and BIG, securing a spot in the lower bracket final. Heroic needs to win two series in order to advance to the DreamHack Open final esports tournament.

Vitality, meanwhile, is in great form right now. The French team remains among the best in Europe, and has shown as much this CS:GO esports tournament. Vitality has only dropped one map in four series. After advancing from Group A with wins over Mouz and Fnatic, it swept NiP and BIG to secure a spot in the upper bracket final against Astralis. ZywOo continues to lead the team and remains among the frontrunners for the top player award at the end of the year.

Could Ninjas in Pyjamas Pull Off an Upset?

NiP has been a pleasant surprise this tournament. The Swedish team secured a spot in the upper bracket after advancing from Group D. It quickly dropped to the lower bracket following a loss to Vitality, but has been unstoppable since then. NiP took down FaZe and OG with 2-0 sweeps, and continued its run with another upset over Fnatic. Beating Heroic is a tall task, but NiP has built up a lot of momentum thanks to its recent form.

DreamHack Open Fall 2020 Best Bets

Astralis are obviously the best pick for the title. Given their recent form, Vitality looks like a safe pick to advance to the CS:GO esport tournament finals. A loss to the Danish super team would drop Vitality to the Consolidation Final. In this event, the French team would be a safe bet in a series against either Heroic or NiP. As for the lower bracket final between the Swedish and the Danish team, Heroic is the best pick.

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