ESPKINGS – Partnership & Sponsorship


With the rising interests of Gaming and Esports we created ESPKINGS Pick6, and we are now launching our Partnership & Sponsorship program.

For your Company

ESPKINGS can offer you a Free-to-Play esports league and competition for you to engage and acquire new customers. We provide a wide range of esports, leagues and jackpots.

If you want to market your services we can either customize your own platform or if you prefer we can feature your products on ESPKINGS. 

With us you can engage with thousands of players by joining our Partnership program. With the rise of  Esports and ESPKINGS you have an opportunity to reach a demographic that is very lucrative to engage with. It is a certainty that creating a strong brand awareness with this demographic is going to be beneficial for you. 

Influencers, Streamers & Affiliates 

This product is not only for the companies that are looking to gain more consumers.  We at ESPKINGS value your hard work for a growing gaming and esports community. If you are streamer or an affiliate and would like to attract more viewers to your twitch or any other of yours sites, we can host a giveaway on our platform that you can feature or promote on your stream.

We can offer your own branded merchandise that we are adding as a prize to our PICK6, this is free of charge. We believe that a collaboration between us can be of mutual benefits and that is why we are also offering ways for you to earn money.

We have a few criteria on your content, most importantly the content needs to be of interest for our audience. That it is following a code of conduct. No racism, bigotry and such. This is of course self-explanatory. 

Teams looking for sponsors

We are also happy to collaborate with teams and have a beneficial sponsorship program that will allow you to gain financial aid as well as growing your fan base. We will be helping you with making your own branded merchandise. 


If you are interested in partnering with us we invite you to contact us by filling out our contact form here.