LEC Summer Has Never Looked More Exciting

And we’re off. LEC Summer Championship has kicked off, and boy do we have several very interesting weeks ahead.

As you probably know if you are a LEC fan (and you’d otherwise most likely not be here), this season is crazier than previous ones. We’ve seen some big roster shuffles during the off-season, so it’s inevitable that it’s all very fresh, new and different.

Everything Is Different In This Year’s LEC Summer

This year’s Summer Season began just a week ago, June 11th and it’s going to keep us on our toes until August, and then even further when it progresses to the playoffs, the details of which still have to be announced.

So we are just in the midst of Week 2 (out of 8) of the tournament with 10 participating teams playing a double round-robin with Bo1 matches. The top six will then qualify for the playoffs, and you don’t have to be psychic to say it’s going to be a ride to remember.

Unlike many of the previous seasons, G2 are no longer dominating the region, and we have a different Spring Split champions after a long time: MAD Lions.

The Spanish roster has been the talk of the Spring Playoffs, and for a very good reason, taking the final victory from Rogue and pocketing 80,000 Euros, 90 championships points and a ticket to Mid-Season Invitational. G2 ended up snatching the third spot (although Rekkles was still tournament MVP), with Schalke 04 Esports taking the fourth.

Big Names To Watch Out For

But what can we expect from the Summer LEC? The first game saw G2 getting their “revenge” over MAD Lions for taking their MSI spot (and LEC title). They’ve also won against SK Gaming, but lost a game to Schalke 04. This week they’ll face one of the favourites, Rouge, making that game the most hyped one to watch over the weekend (although we would suggest you check out more than just one).

Come to think of it, Rouge were the ones directly responsible (other than G2 roster themselves, of course) for G2’s broken streak of LEC Championship wins. First MAD Lions sent G2 to the losers’ finals in Spring 2021, and then Rouge kicked them out completely. This consequently also means they have unsettled business with Rouge too.

Misfits Lead The Pack

On the other hand, Rouge has also had two wins and one loss so far. They’ve lost their second game of the LEC Summer to Vitality, but won games against Excel Esports and Fnatic. Aside from G2 this weekend, they will also face Misfits Gaming, the roster everyone’s talking about right now since they are currently the only ones in the tournament with no loss.

The American org with an international roster, Misfits, haven’t really had any notable results so far. They’ve placed 7th at LEC Spring 2021, and we’ll soon see if this fantastic start is only due to convenient schedule and opponents, or do they have an intention to aim much higher than usual this time.

Remember, Worlds are at stake here, since the first three spots in LEC Summer will qualify for the biggest LOL event of the season, which will be held in 5 Chinese cities this fall, as Riot recently announced. But, there is a lot more to come until then, so let’s first concentrate on the excitements right ahead. To participate actively in eSports, LOL and LEC Summer, don’t forget to visit our Pick 6 and play for free.