Who is Michal Nisha Jankowski, Best Esports Player In 2020?

For the fifth year in a row esports community singled out the most successful among them. In other words, we’ve just witnessed another instalment of Esports Awards, held online over period of two days, where Michal Nisha Jankowski, his Team Secret (best team), LOL (best game of the year) and RIOT Games (best publisher) took home some of the most important prizes.

Team Secret And Nisha In The Spotlight

Esports Awards were established in 2015, and although this was the first year they were held online, that doesn’t mean it lacked excitement. The total of 32 awards were given across five big categories: Community, Industry, Creative, On Air Talent and Professional and the event was streamed on Twitch. Fans could’ve seen all of their favorite stars from some of the most popular games, who received their awards from the privacy of their homes, courtesy of Covid-19. We’ve already singled out some of the winners for you, but if you haven’t been paying attention in real time and would like to check the complete list, you can do it here.

And even though a strange online set up, it was a lucky year for some, especially Team Secret and their Dota roster. If you know anything about Dota (and you are at least interested if you are reading this), you know that there is no escaping Team Secret at the top for quite some time now. European team, which includes players from all over the world, snagged three big wins at this year’s Awards: for the best team, best coach and the best PC player of the year. The Team joked on Twitter it’s another 3-0 win on their list, which wasn’t really a surprise when you check their track record. Fans also didn’t forget to mention that the team of the year award should be attributed to one of the most prominent and well-rounded veterans in the game, team’s captain Puppey, although he wasn’t one of the laureates this year.

Nisha doesn’t speak much, but his games do the talking

But, who knows if that team win would even be possible if it wasn’t for Nisha, this year’s player of the year. Young Polish star, who is only 20 years old, is somewhat of a mystery man, though. For instance, you could easily assume that a young man of his status and interests would be very engaging with his fans, but it’s quite the opposite for Nisha – he is nowhere to be found on social media. And that kind of “secrecy” also became one of his trademarks so it isn’t odd that, when asked to comment on his win, he only said one word – “Speechless”.

Nisha begun his career in 2015 in Let’s Do It/Alternate Attax, where he stayed for two years. He was only 15 and he played alongside his brother, Supreme, who’s career never took off like Nisha’s did. Let’s Do It was a small Polish team, and they didn’t have any significant results until they were picked up by Team Kinguin in late 2017. Right around that time Nisha was starting to get recognition for his skills, since the team was finally entering some of the biggest tournaments. Eventually they even qualified for The International, which was a turning point for Nisha, who became a part of Team Secret (as a carry) after TI 2018. In November 2019, when Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng left Team Secret, Nisha was moved to mid lane. And it was all uphill from there.

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