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ESPKINGS is a new concept within Esports. It’s our desire to increase the engagement of Esports players in a “one of a kind” iGaming experience.

Pick6 is our first of many competitions we’ll be releasing over the coming months. Pick6 is a Free-to-Play game with many cool prizes, simply predict 6 correct scores to win.

Q1 2021 we plan to launch our first Pay-to-Play games that will shake up the Esports betting world.

What do you get as a ESPKINGS promoter?

If you like our products and want to spread the word, we’ll give you a unique affiliate tracking code and you’ll earn commission from all the leads you refer to us.

You’ll expand your knowledge and gain valuable industry insider info from people who’ve spent decades in Esports. 

See your ideas become reality!! Got any cool ideas for games and competitions? We’d love to hear from you and there’ll be a special gift awaiting any ideas that we adopt.

Additionally, we’re always happy to help our outstanding promoters to take the next steps along their Esports career. We’ll write you a glowing recommendation letter that reflects the quality of your work.

What do you need to become an ESPKINGS promoter?

A few hours per week to help with testing, writing articles or promoting (we’ll help you develop your strengths and skills with tips from marketing professionals).

For those with the time and talent to make a significant impact from day one, we’ll make you famous in the Esports world 😉

While all the ESPKINGS promoters and testers work on voluntary basis, the industry is growing rapidly and now is the perfect time to join the boom. 

Find out how ESPKINGS can turn your passion in to a profitable business today.

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