What Can We Expect From LOL In 2021

This LOL off-season was as dramatic as they get. If you’ve been paying attention, you are aware that many big transfers happened, from players retiring to some unexpectedly switching not just team, but continents. Now that the transfers have finally seized, let’ take a look at what awaits us in LOL in 2021.

Instead of doing things the usual way and walk you through major happenings of each league, we’ve decided to take a look at some of the most mentioned and prominent teams in the world and what happened to them during this period.

LOL In 2021 Is Going To Be Very Different

Let’s start big. Defending world champions, DAMWON, had some significant changes. First of all, they’ve made a huge deal with KIA, their new sponsor, who is not only going to sponsor them, it’s going to be a part of their new name. The org is from now on called DWG KIA in a move that some outlets call “the biggest deal in LOL history”.

As far as the roster goes, DWG KIA did some big changes on that front also. As you could’ve already read, from the team that won The Worlds, Nuclear, the team’s ADC, retired, and the org was shook by two of their champion players, Nuguri and BaryL, asking to join free agency. In the end only Nuguri left for China, where he’ll be trying to help FunPlus Phoenix reach their forgotten heights in LOL 2021. They managed to keep BeryL after all, and Canyon, ShowMaker and Ghost weren’t going anywhere anyway. They did get two new additions, both for top positions: Chasy, who transferred from team Awesome Spear, and Khan, who transferred from FunPlus Phoenix and therefore kind of switched places with Nuguri. It will be fun to watch how that switch influences both of those teams’ games.

FPX (2019 World Champions if someone needs a reminder) didn’t have a good year, and Nuguri’s coming might be their saving grace for the next season. Besides Nuguri, they’ve also added Prince to their roster, another beloved Korean player, an ex Chasy’s teammate from Awesome Spear. They also have a new coach, Steak, who has replaced WarHorse, who left for Top Esports (2020 World semi-finalists).

Can Europe And NA Finally Rival Asia?

In Europe, on the other hand, it was as turbulent as you might think. LEC lost one of its most famous players, Luka Perkz Perković who left for North America, where he’ll be trying to lift the game to new heights. His former team, and Europe’s best bet for winning any world title’s, G2 Esports took a hit with that transfer, but fans probably don’t have to be worried too much. Other than Perkz leaving, the org had one more huge transfer: they welcomed Rekkles, Perkz biggest rival, into their team. Rekkles, who has been a Fnatic’s star from 2015 is expected to lift G2 to another level, since most of the headlines about this transfer dubbed him as a “perfect fit” for the team.

As far as the LCS goes, the teams are going to have to work very hard to try to reach the levels of South Korea, China and Europe. But besides Perković, Suning’s support SwardArt also switched continents and is now a LCS player. With him in TSM (for a record-breaking 6 million transfer, fyi), Perković in Cloud9 and some other additions to big teams, who knows what will surprise us in LOL 2021.

With this overview, you are ready for big events in January. In the meantime, don’t forget to visit our Pick6 and play for free, don’t let all your knowledge go to waste.