Who Made Most Money In Esports In 2020?

2020 wasn’t such a good year for many. But, the world kept turning and there were some who earned enough to land spots on the highest-earning lists for this year. We decided to take a look at the top 10 teams and players (stay tuned) to see who made the biggest amounts of money in esports in 2020.

First off, ‘The Teams’. The Top 10 was also a marker for who made more than a million: Fnatic, who are at 11th place made 998 thousand dollars from participating in 43 tournaments. Also, as you’ll soon see, the number of tournaments teams made their earnings from varied heavily. Let’s dig in through the list compiled by eSportsEarnings.

This Is Who Made The Most Money In ESports This Year

  1. Team Secret

As you’ll see through this list, but also as you’ve probably guessed, most organizations mentioned here have many different rosters aka are earning money across many different games. Kicking things off, we find Team Secret at 10th place with an opening of 1 million and 122 thousand dollars of earnings in 2020. And although there are many Team Secret rosters, it’s no surprise that the biggest part of their earnings (94 percent to be exact) comes from their Dota 2 roster (also voted the team of the year in 2020).

  1. Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere, or as many know them – NaVi, who have landed on the 9th place with 1,129 million, have somewhat of a different situation. They gathered their money through a similar amount of tournaments as Team Secret (58 to Team Secret’s 57), but they did so through many different games. Their main earners are, as expected, Dota 2 (42,72 %) and CS:GO (33,58%), but they did earn significant amounts through World Of Tanks, Counter-Strike, PUBG and Paladins.

  1. Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta FaZe had a good year. Clan FaZe’s Call Of Duty roster did well in 14 tournaments and between their main and academy rosters managed to gather 1,187 million dollars (the majority of it, 98,74%, being, of course, from the main roster). Also, the majority of their earnings this year, 900,000 dollars, came from finishing 2nd in Call of Duty League Championship. FaZe clan was also placed 4th on Forbes’ list of most valuable companies of this year, with an estimated value of 305 million dollars.

  1. Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid, esports veterans, also did well for themselves, earning 1,214 million across 96 tournaments. That number is so high because of TSM’s high number of rosters who are almost equally contributing to the organization with just two of them standing out: their Fortnite roster earned 28,81% percent of cumulative earnings for the organization, while their LOL roster earned them 24,26% of the total earnings so far.

  1. G2 Esports

G2 came in 6th with $1,258 million earned through 64 tournaments. Their top two rosters, LOL and CS:GO, earned them most money through the years, 30,77% LOL and 30,35% CS:GO, but they’ve also had noticeable success in Rainbow Six and Rocket League. It’s worth mentioning that both of their most prominent rosters, LOL and CS:GO, did equally well in prize money this year also, earning 384 and 338 thousand dollars respectively.

  1. Virtus.pro

Russian bears Virtus.pro occupy the middle of this year’s list. They’ve earned 1,381 million dollars through 39 tournaments and across 16 rosters. Of course, their main moneymaker is their Dota 2 roster (who also won the last big tournament of the year), but their CS:GO team has also earned them a decent amount of money, in fact, they earned them the most this year. While their Dota 2 still leads the overall winnings with 64,77% earnings for the org, they’ve earned 480 thousand dollars this year, while their CS:GO roster earned more than 640,000.

  1. Spacestation Gaming

Spacestation Gaming, American Rainbox Six Siege giants, placed 4th with a total earnings of $1,402 million through 83 tournaments. Their RSS roster earned them 1,1 million in four tournaments, while their Rocket League roster earned 242 thousand through 34 tournaments. The rest of their 20 rosters are still expected to follow suit.

  1. San Francisco Shock

San Francisco Shock, Overwatch League franchise, came in third for the amount of money earned in eSports this year. They’ve earned 1,555 million dollars through two tournaments where they’ve won first prizes. One of those “tournaments” was the Overwatch League playoffs where winning the first place also won them 1,5 million dollars.

  1. Team Liquid

One of the biggest franchises in eSports, Team Liquid, placed second in earnings in 2020. Out of their 27 rosters, Dota 2 is the most accoladed one, and they have also earned them the biggest amount of money this year. Out of their 1,599 million dollar in earnings, 414 thousand was brought in by Dota 2 roster, 392 thousand by Counter-Strike roster, and 195 thousand by Rainbow Six roster. Their PUBG, StarCraft, LOL, Heartstone and Fortnite rosters also contributed.

  1. Dallas Empire

And last but contrary to least, Dallas Empire, who earned 1,8 million dollars through 23 tournaments this year. Focusing only on Call Of Duty, they’ve managed to earn that much money largely due to becoming 2020 champions. They’ve won 1,5 million solely through that, and the rest came through other tournaments.

So there you have it, that’s where all of the big money in esports went in 2020. Stay tuned for detailed list with top 10 player for 2020 and meanwhile don’t forget to track what happens in CS:GO, Dota 2 and LOL so you can play for free when our Pick 6 kicks off again with major seasons.